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what is the definition of post menapausal?


[ginny"]what is the definition of post menapausal?

Post menopausal in a nut shell is after the periods stop after a year of no periods you are considered Post menopausal, it can be a misconception because you can still have night sweats, hot flashes and be irritable.
I had surgery at 35 took hormones for about 5 years and then stopped taking them because I was fine. They told me I was over menopause.
I was confused beacuse, It really didn't hit with the hot flashes until I was about 50. I am now 52. You can have hot flashed, night sweats and sleepiness nights forever.
I take black Kohosh, evening Primrose, and then a multi vitamin of choice.
The first two seem to minimize the hot flashes. Hope this helps.