On June 15th, 2010 I went to my 3rd baby appointment excited to finally hear the baby's heartbeat. What was suppose to be a routine visit ended up with my husband and I in tears, after discovering we had miscarried. This came as a complete shock considering we showed absolutely no signs...no bleeding, cramping, or spotting. The following day I went in for a DNC which was suppose to only be a 10-15 minute procedure. They put me asleep at noon and I never woke up until the following day at noon in another hospital. Apparently after they performed the DNC, my oxygen level went down and my blood pressure went up. They had to stabalize me before transporting me to a hospital better equipped for my condition. I spent the next 24 hrs fighting for my life in ICU. However, the day that I awoke was the same day that they took me off the breathing tube and moved me out of ICU. The doctors couldn't believe how fast I had recovered from what everyone thought was an AFE. At my post op appointment my OBGYN told us that he wouldn't recommend us trying for another baby because they can't pinpoint exactly what happened to me. He believes thatI suffered from AFE, but the Level 3 hospital doctors told us that we would be fine to have another baby because they believe that Litacaine (spelling?) had been injected into my blood stream during the DNC which would explain how I was able to recover so fast and without any side effects. My husband and I are torn apart because we want to try for our 3rd baby, but we are scared of the unknown. Has anyone ever gone through anythng like this? And if so were you able to have a healthy pregnancy again?