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Hello! I'm not an expert in the field of medicine. I ask you to reply to my next question. I would like to know about diabetic blisters bullosis diabeticorum. Is it true that people in rare cases with diabetes perform blisters that favor burn blisters? I am not sure for this fact, so I want to check out. Does anyone have some opinion for this? Thanks for your return.


Hi Kahaleel,

This is true. Diabetic patients do have more sensitive skin and this can cause blistering on the skin. Bullous disease of diabetes usually rises from long diabetes or may be caused by some other complications in combination with diabetes. How long have you been diabetic? One thing that I can tell you to ease your mind is that there is no need for any special treatment and doctors visits. This condition is time limited and usually goes away after some time. However if you experience staph infection medication will be necessary.

And one more thing, they tend to give you a burning feeling and discomfort. But in few weeks they should be gone, but they tend to get back again.