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I am attempting to avoid becoming a type 2 diabetic.
Lately, I have been having a sort of burning sensation on the bottoms of my feet. Could this be caused by poor circulation?


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Well, there are many possible reasons of burning feet and diabetes is one of very common causes.

As for poor circulation… does not directly cause burning feet but can impair body’s ability to heal once the burning occurs and this poor circulation is often caused by diabetes.
Diabetes makes damage to the nerves, which leads to sensations of burning feet.

Have you seen a doctor about your burning feet! This is crucial, so that you could figure out the cause and get treatment asap.
If your burning feet are a result of diabetes, here are some things you should do in order to avoid them: wear therapeutic shoes, especially those that come with features like high and wide toe boxes, check your feet regularly for any blisters, cracks between toes or bleeding, wear diabetic socks and stockings as well as diabetic foot creams.
There are other possible causes of burning feet like fungus infections, sweat from wearing thigh and warm shoes, sensitive feet irritated by socks and shoes, or problems with blood vessels.
In order to learn more about your individual case, you need a doc!