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I have type 2 diabetes and I`m trying to Gain weight.I went online and found out I need to consume 2300 Calories a day.How can a diabetic on insulin eat that many calories a day without raising my Blood sugar ?My levels are perfect and my a1c is 4.8. Right now I consume 1700 calories a day .


My aunt is suffering from diabetes type 2 but she is maintaining the same weight for years now. And she is trying to keep it like this because her doctor told her to do like that.
Have you decided to gain weight by yourself or your doctor recommended you should try? As you said by yourself it is very unusual for diabetic to consume 2300 calories per day so I am concerned about that fact.

And it seems that you have been handling with diabetes just fine. When you have discovered that you have it? Is the quality of your life fine or you think you could improve something?

I would appreciate answers for my aunt because lately she has been feeling a little bit depressed. Thank you in advance.