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Hey guys.

So it seems to me that I can’t have just one calm day, without any problems :/ My brother called me today and he told me that his really good friend was diagnosed with endocarditis and an abscess on aorta. He didn’t feel a thing, nothing unpleasant.

He had regularly physical examination with his colleagues from work and the doctors noticed something. After some test they diagnosed this.

He is now at hospital. I am wondering what can happen to him? Is this serious or not?

I really hope that maybe the diagnosis is wrong :/ but they are telling me that diagnose is correct.


Hi Ashley,

It can be very serious.  Endocarditis is an inflammation in the heart that can affect the lining of the heart and the valves. 

The abscess is VERY likely related to the endocarditis and can require extensive surgery to treat.

I wish your friend the best.




Hello there.

Medic-dan, is that really that serious? After I posted this topic I was reading a little bit about this on the internet. I found that endocarditis is rear condition? Is this true?

I am wondering why this “rare” condition affected him, this amazing boy :/ I know that there are no rules, but still…

I also found that Endocarditis is known as infective endocarditis, bacterial endocarditis, infectious endocarditis and fungal endocarditis.

I know that he is now under the treatment because if you left this untreated the chances of complications are much bigger and the risk is bigger.

Do you know what is the best way of treatment?


Greetings two of you.

My mom is diagnosed with endocarditis and an abscess on aorta. I just can’t describe you what hell I am going through.

She went to the surgery. Well those surgical treatment of endocarditis has changed a lot in the past couple of years. When it is diagnosed early, with proper therapy with more effective antibiotics it can help in the treatment.

After the surgery she was treated with medications and she is fine so far. Of course, she always have some discomfort. I don’t know is that discomfort real or not, but we are visiting her doctor all the time.

I really hope that everything is going to be fine since this is very dangerous.



Hey there. This needs to be treated immediately. My neighbor was in the hospital because of this and she was getting medications trough a vein. I know that in this case blood cultures and test will help your doctor to choose the best antibiotics for the treatment. My neighbor was receive therapy from 4 to 5 weeks when she was diagnosed with it. Antibiotic treatments started in the hospital and when they let her to go home, she continue to use them. That is the procedure. Usually it can happen that person with this diagnose develops heart failure as a result of damaged heart valves. That is why your friends needs to be hospitalized .