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I'm 14 and I'm a girl and I'm trying to lose wieght. So I've been losing wieght pretty fast. So yesterday I only ate 810 calories. I was outside diong 2 hours work of labor cutting this big tree. I ran and before giong to sleep I burnes 50 cal. But I wieghed myself and I gained 4 ounces. Wats giong on????



First of all, weighing your self daily is not recommended. You need to weigh your self every two weeks. One day is not relevant to anything. I mean, if you drink an extra glass of water you'll weigh 8 ounces more, but that's just water, not fat.

4 ounces is way, i mean waaaaaaaay to small, so don't worry about that. Just keep on exercising and weigh your self on a monthly basis and you should see the results.

Also, what kind of diet are you on and how much do you weigh now?