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Hi!  :)  My name is Quinn and I'm 14 years old.  I'm 5'11" and I am approximately 180 pounds.  :(  I would like to weigh 140 pounds or possibly less at the end of summer.  I want to stay fit and healthy and look sexy.  I want the thigh gap, the collar bones, the cheek bones, the hip bones, the flat stomach.  I want to be confident and feel sexy all the time.  I want to be able to wear anything and look amazing.  I want all my friends to see me on the first day of school and be shocked and stare.  Most of all I want to feel good about myself.  That doesn't just mean I want to be skinny.  I also want to be fit and healthy and strong (without looking creapy).  Please help!  Any suggestions on diets or exercise plans?  I want to lose weight in the most healthy manner possible.


Hello Quinn!

I am in the same situation as you are. I'm fourteen years old and weigh near 180 pounds too. My reasons the same. And here is how I am planning to lose weight:

I'm going to eat breakfast every morning, because it really does make smarter food choices for you. Skipping ANY meal can make you go on a food craving spree.

I'm going to excercise 30 minutes everyday. (You're probably thinking, running, jogging, that's so boring! I admit, it is, but you don't have to do that! Do dancing on the Wii! I love dancing and doing it 30 minutes on the wii can burn about 300 calories!)

I'm going to do SMALL portions. No going back for 2nds on food, eat the plate you have. Then, after you have that accomplished start cutting the portions of different food in half. Let's say, you have mashed potatoes and steak with green beans. Cut the portions of those in half.

When eating steak, eat a size as small as your palm. That's how big the size of a steak is.

Don't eat meat with bread. When you eat that protein with carbs, it saves the carbs as fat. We don't want that!

Time yourself! When you eat, time yourself for 20 minutes! When 20 minutes is over and you still have food, its time to get rid of the food.

Eat healthier things! No sodas, no chips, no candy, no sweets, no nothing of the sort!

Drink water ALOT. Drink 3 1/2 cups in the morning, afternoon, and at night. That should do it!

Weigh yourself only twice every week. Constantly weighing yourself can make you go crazy!

No eating at restaurants. None. Completely cut them out of your lifestyle until you lose your ideal weight!

Doing simple things like getting up and changing the channel can make a change! This can help- trust me!

If you feel like craving food, chew on things. When I feel like craving, I chew on this rubber pacifer I got from a skating ring.

If you have food in front of you, and its calling your name, and your just DYING to eat it, YELL at it! It might sound crazy, but you don't know how good it can help!

After every meal, brush your teeth! The toothpaste gets rid of the taste for food. Its a smart idea really.

Get active! Go out with friends and try and get more playful. Play with your dogs, do a game with your family outside, anything helps!

Hope this helped! :) I'm trying all of this tomorrow! XD