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The past two days whenever i finish smoking a cigarette i have shortness of breathe and slight chest pains, but after like 10-15 min both symptoms vanish.Im also pretty out of shape and also under stress from mid term exams and work. Any help would be appreciated.


You're a smoker and wondering why your health isn't perfect? God...For all we know you have developed Mitral Valve Prolapse (like me). Or something worse. Or maybe it's nothing.

If you still have chest pains (like I do) see a doctor (like I did). When they can't figure out what's wrong with you go to a specialist. Get a 24-hour holter monitor. When that shows nothing get in line for an Echocardiogram (not electrocardiogram - you already had that by now).

While you're waiting for your Echocardiogram shell out lots of cash for beta-blockers and anti-anxiety meds like I did (and still do). Stop sleeping and have more chest pains, PVC's, PAC's or whatever the hell they are.

Why not just quit now.

Stop taking your health for granted.