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I was awoken this evening. The only thing I can tell you is I was trying to scream for help. My face was in pain and I had a headache.I'd imagine from what I felt upon waking up was that my mouth was wide open (like the kid from the movie the grudge) yes... freaky! I was confused and scared! So does this sound like sleep paralysis or a seizure while asleep? I do have a history of seizures long long ago... but while awake. Ty.


Hi! Hey - this post got me thinking about me. The number of times as a kid that I woke up trying to talk and couldn't. Shouting for my mum and nothing coming out.... From what you're describing it sounds exactly like sleep paralysis, and not a seizure. The other thing is that most of the time people who have seizures have absolutely no recall what so ever, and don't know what's happening. It is a horrible feeling, and when you wake up (or think you're awake) it's so scary. Why don't you see if it happens again, and if it does go and have a chat with your doc, but I'm sure it's nothing serious. 



It is something that is perplexing, to say the least.  I would say it was sleep paralysis, too.  The one thing is that people with seizures usually black out and are not conscious of what is going on. If you just woke up and was aware of what was going on, then you must of had sleep paralysis.  On the other hand, you didn't describe being unable to move after waking?  It could have been you trying to scream in your dream and woke up trying to scream but couldn't.  I have had that happen a few times myself.  I would not say what you had was a seizure at all.



Hi there.

There are some crucial differences between sleep paralysis and seizures.

When it comes to seizures, you should know next things:

- they usually last less than 2 minutes,

- they can totally change your muscle activities,

- you can hear some strange sounds or even the voices when you have the attack,

- you can feel differently, like you can't control your body.


When we are talking about sleep paralysis, you should know that some of the signs are:

- this happens to you shortly after you wake up,

- you are aware of everything, but you are not able to move,

- you can have some violent moves, you can start to shake, etc.


If you still don't know what you are dealing with, my advice is to go to seek for doctors help and ask him more about temporary paralysis, because sleep paralysis is in this category.

I hope that you will be OK.