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I have weak digestion and food does not get digested properly now a days it is slowing down as i am not doing exercise and sitting job effect are creeping in. In childhood till age of 20 i was taking liver medicine (liv52) to help me weak stomach issue , I am 37 now.

I looking for some advice if i should take supplement or Vitamins or fruits which can help me in this, one doctor ( not alopethic, check illness with heart beat from nerves of wrist) he said your body is not making enough enzymes for digestion, as there medicine is slow and restriction on eating habit i could not complete that regime.

I have started feeling of clogging in intestine and feel digestive system it is working continuously for the whole time day or night.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


Yes, digestive enzyme supplements may be helpful. Also, there are physical exercise that you can perform unobtrusively while sitting at an office desk.