For how long I have been Suffering  and trying hard to live, somebody please find a solution. Kindly help and expert advice required. Thanks in advance.

I am 26 years old now and here is a small history of my headache:

I have no head injuries. I don't smoke and drink. The headache was usually more after the head-bath. Visited various senior doctors and the treatment started when I was in high school about 8 to 9 years back with simple sinus treatments, since the pain didn't subside, doctors treated me for  cluster headache and the brain CT scan results showed no problem with my brain and head  and  finally doctors treated me for migraine. I did have some sort of relief with treatment towards migraine. However it was not cured and still the pain persisted. As I got addicted to mediciness, my Dad advised me not to take any medicines anymore.Feeling so desperate to cure my headache, I decided to stop taking medicines further.Since then I haven’t taken any medicines for headache and its been 9 years now.As I grew up, I did get some immunity to control my headache and tried to manage my usual life. However I used to get headaches often, I have ignored it and accepting the pain for sometime.

Right now it’s really getting me sick of this and how long could I try to manage. I need a solution. I am trying it so hard to live now.

Description about my headache:

The headache starts after taking a shower of head bath or if my head gets wet in rain. As soon as I take a head bath(shower)and step out, My eyes will become like deep sunken and dark circles around the eyes will appear in an hour time. Mild pain starts all over my head and deep  inside the head I feel the pain and back of my head also. The pain becomes severe (acute) as time goes on and usually acute pain starts the next day after taking my head bath and the pain becomes unbearable. This pain will subside naturally after 2 days. If I take a steam after head-bath, it does help me little and not completely. I take head bath once a week and the pain starts again the next week when I take head bath.

I have been treated for sinus many times earlier and nothing did help me.

In simple terms, I get severe headache after head bath, why?

Kindly advice what type of problem am I facing. Am not even sure if anyone has such situation similar to me. 

Kindly help.