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Two of my finger nails are disfigured. They are being attacked by what looks like bacteria of fungi. The nail bed is almost gone and looks very unpleasant.Of course the nail does not grow anymore. My friend had this same problem in the 1980's and treated it with a colourless drug called "Jadith or Jadit". I can't find that drug in Nigeria anymore. Please does anyone have useful information as to how I can get this drug or any other drug that is very effective for this treatment, please help.



i had that same kind of problem, it has been going on for almost 3 years, i was tested for a nail fungus but it came back negative, I tried different over the counter medicines to no avail. A friend told me to put a couple of drops of javex in the water when i was doing dishes. I have been doing that for about 4-5 months and the nail is almost completely back to normal.hopefully this is some help to you as well.