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I do pedicure in a nursing home what causes the thing yellow toenails and what can I do besides file? I am tempted to cut it off but it's too thick. It's almost too gross at times. It's really hard to cut the length of the nail also.



I checked this out for you and this is a symptom of a fungus and you need to see a podiatrist to have it treated with medication

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Hi kyla,

This is definitely sign of a fungus infection and this can be very serious if the nail is completely yellow. When it comes to this stage that means that it can fall out and try to imagine how that can be uncomfortable. And very unpleasant and painful and because toe nails need quite some time to grow back that would be very nasty.

Waiting for the nail to grow back is very long process and sometimes it can take even months so my suggestion is to cut as much nail as you can and apply antifungal cream every day in the morning and in the evening. And maybe you will need some additional medications so if you don’t see any changes in a couple of days consult your doctor.




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My nails have benn like that for about 35 years. When I first discovered it I mentioned it to my doctor and he said "no one ever died of nail fungus".

I have tried all the over the counter fungal "cures" and all they do is transfer my money to their wallets.

I have asked every doctor I've had to prescribe Lamasil or something to get rid of it and they all feel just like the first one. "No one ever died of nail fungus" and it will come back anyway so it's a waste of money.

I did rip off a nail once when I tripped over something. That one grew back clean and stayed clean for about 10 years.