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My toes have had a rough time due to fungal infection I cannot treat due to meds already taking.  Toes get sore and red.

One toe actually looks like is is a victim of a burn.  Pus was coming out of the tip of my toe.  I squeezed to get it all out and a stone or a stone-like object popped out.  It is round with lots of points, sort of feels like a piece of bone or cartilage.

Would like to know why this happened and what it may be. 


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I've had toenail fungus for over 35 years. I remember the day a doctor told me what it was. I asked him what we were going to do about it and his reply was: "nothing, I never knew anyone who died from toenail fungus". I've been trying ever since to get a doctor to prescribe something to kill it and none of them will. My current doctor says it will just come back anyway. When I point to the one toe that is (was) clean for almost 20 years he still says the same thing. I lost a nail when I stubbed my toe once and it grew back clean and stayed clean for about 20 years. Of course the docs have an excuse now due to the cholesterol meds which strain the liver. I'd be willing to quit the meds for the 6 months of treatment but, no luck.

I do remember having pus come out from under one of nails for a few years many years ago but it went away when I hit that toe and lifted the nail. I trimmed it as far back as I could when that happened, exposing the nail bed and I think that dried it out.

I seem to have the thickened nails with a lining of some dried up spongy stuff about 1/8 to 3/16 inch thick under the nail.

I've never had anything pop out though.



Ick sorry but I have toenail fungus too. I even took the oral Lamisil for 4 mos and it didn't work. Dermatologist offered for me to take another round but I passed. Nothing works really annoying and just GROSS. Anyway, my guess is that it's just a bunch of pus that globbed up together or a piece of toenail that somehow got in there and got surrounded by the pus itself. I haven't ever had an infection other than the fungus though in that toe so not really sure. But that's my feeling. Have you seen a Dr. about antibiotics? If the infection is still there, you probably need them.