On June 18th, I was mounting my horse and he decided he didnt want me on and bucked me off. I landed full body weight onto my left ankle. After I recovered in the field from the initial pain, I whipped my boot and sock off. Got myself to the urgent care clinic where they offered me no ice, thankfully I elevated it. They xrayed and said they could see no breaks and that I could go home and use the RICE method, I got my own set of crutches) Two days later, the clinic calls me back to tell me that the radiologist had a look and noted two lizfranc fractures in my metatarsal bones (2nd and 4th) and that they had booked me an appt at the fracture clinic for the following week. I got nervous and wondered why I needed to wait that long and what I was supposed to be doing in the meantime?? I called a medical inquiry service where the nurse told me to go to my local emergency department and have them splint it for me. I just had my appt with the fracture clinic today (only 8 days after the accident) and the doc told me i would be in an aircast boot (no weight bearing) for the next three months. I nearly died when he told me that, my summer is screwed and I told him about my planned camping trips in my RV and he said he wouldn't take the chance. I decided I am still going but will be very cautious. He said I didn't need surgery at this point but he would re-x-ray me in three weeks and see how it was healing. I got home and cried for three hours straight.

Can anyone tell me how to make this better and easier?? Is there any chance that I can put weight on it sooner than three months. Any comparable stories out there would help so much.