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Few years ago, during common barium x-ray examine of my digestion tube, doctor incidentally discovered diverticulosis present on my colon. He said that this is very common thing and I shouldn’t worry at all. Is this dangerous condition and is there any cure for it? Please help!


Your doctor is right - diverticulosis is a very common, and usually a very benign condition
but in some cases it could escalate into something much more serious. You have weak bowel wall and because of that, superficial layers of your colon are passing through the weak points in the bowel wall making pocket-like formations. In most cases diverticulosis is usually harmless and do not cause problems in 70-80% of the patients, Only bad thing about it is that you could develop inflammation of these diverticulums, a serious condition called diverticulitus. This is followed by pain in the lower, left part of the abdomen, along with fever and other signs of infection. Acute diverticulitus is treated with antibiotics for 7-10 days and sometimes only operation could help.
I suggest high fiber diet which will protect your bowel from formation of such diverticulums.