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why would a young man age 39 get diverticulitus, if he claims never to suffer from constipation, he did however occasionaly get diahrea.


Hi Jeanf45,

I started my first bout with diverticulitis when I was 33. I didnt even realize I had it. It started with some pain, which at the time I thought was ovulation, but the pain got worse, and my fever shot up. My fever finally reached about 102.3 at about 3 am and I felt like someone was stabbing me in the side with a knife constantly. The doctor could not touch my side without me wanting to "break his arm".

I know that diverticulitis happens when someone has a diet with little fiber in it. ESPECIALLY if that person has a tendency to eat foods with seeds and foods/snacks like peanuts or any kind of nuts, as little outpouching starts in the intestines and the little particles get caught in the pouches causing inflammation and sometimes infection. The fiber helps ALOT to help as a preventative.

My father has diverticulitis also. My gastroenterologist said it was uncommon for someone so young to have this disorder. He was concerned about perforation of my intestines, as the chances of perforation go up with each bout of the divertic. that a person has. The thought is that eventually if the person does not change something in their diet, that it just keeps happening and weakens the intestinal area.

I never really suffer from constipation either. Diarrhea is a common thing at times though. All in need is to drink orange juice, eat raisin bran, pancakes and some other things that I cant think of at this time, and it goes right through me.

I hope this helps. Dont hesitate to ask if you have further questions,ok?