I just found this website from doing a search on diverticulosis and I was trying to see if someone posted anything about excercising and diverticulosis? I am a 35 year old guy and I wiegh 230lbs, and I had an attack of diverticulitis after coming back from a long plane ride back in 2004 and never knew I had any problems. Since then I have completely changed my diet and I no longer eat Red meat or pork(but I still eat chicken) per a nutritionist I am seeing and I am on a liquid vitamin supliment. I haven't been all that active with excercising the last few years so I would like to start some type of excercise program again that wouldn't put me in jeopardy of another attack. Does anyone have any recomendations on some good excercises that could help? The flipside to this coin is I cannot run as I have had foot injuries in the past so if you do have some advice please let me know.