Ok, so i am 15. i weigh 145 pounds, i think , and i am at least 5'7 feet, maybe alittle higher, like i stated in the box above. im trying to make this discriptive as possible so i can get the best possible help

Here's the thing- i am overweight. How do i lose weight easily? I'm targeting my face, my waist- it was really small last year and since i keep eating i gained it all back, my THIGHS- they are ridiculous, im not lying, my legs. It's like major thunder thigh to the knee, then smaller leg below. basically, besides my main targets, i want to lose weight all over my body. and I MEAN ALL OVER- i want to fit in small sizes--

Heres the things i do- i keep an record book about the foods and the amounts i eat it in, but i keep eating and i can't stop and i don't know why. I eat junk food only when i go over a friend's house, which is once a week? sometimes once a month and pig--- im talking bags of chips, then packs of cookies, then bars and  bars--- at home, i mainly eat tons of homemade bread, a ton of nuts, a ton of bagels, fruits, veggies, meat too. ribs, pork sometimes, and chicken mainly. I eat a lot of white rice and white noodle- im asian. I drink only water.

I hate excercising. last year, for 3 straight months, everyday i did 150 lunges each leg and then or just 100 squats a day. it was horrible. I don't have time for excercise because i spend my time studying. alot. So please dont say excersise.

i need a food fix. major diet, before spring comes up and shorts and skirts are out again

Is there a quick thing i can do ? i love fashion and clothing and now i look horrible in clothing. thats my biggest problem, trying to wear leggings or a skirt and seeing major fatness--