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Hello everyone, I'm wondering if I need to be on a different insulin or perhaps a combination of insulins. I've heard about the basal stuff and quick acting. I just take insulin with my meals that is fast acting. I know there are old insulins and new ones as well and wondered what the difference is and if the new ones work better. I take the old stuff. I'm a type 2 so I guess my question is do we need to try a different insulin to see if that works better then what we are currently on. Any info would be great. Thanks.



Hi, I've heard that the old insulins have problems with hypos and hypers and if you're a type 2 you probably have a problem with hypos. Sometimes you get too much insulin for the meal you had or you wait too long between meals or you change your diet and exercise routine. That your diabetes manager can help you with. The new basal and fast-acting insulins are really the best. Once I switched over to these new forms and gained much better control over my blood sugar levels. I simply won't go back to the old forms. The only way to know if another type of insulin is right for you is to try it. It is simply trial and error where that is concerned. You'll have to discuss this with your diabetes manager and based on your particular situation, they will know what to suggest. Then they can get a prescription for you. Make sure to bring you measurement log with you and information about your diet so they can set up a new dosing system for you. I didn't have any problem making the change over and I suspect you won't either. I wish the best of luck to you and I really do think you'll like the new insulin meds.