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i am 17 year old...i have daibeties....but it is normal....i am having head pain from more than one month....and whenever i look down n den look up i feel so much dissy n feel like i am going to faint...almost in every two days i go blind means i am nt able to see clearly...i went to eye check up but Dr says that my eyes are all normal i have no problem in eyes n i hv no power any advice what should i do because wenever i go c Dr he says u have no problem u are alright without any check up..he just sees n say m normal but it is almost one month n full head pain same problems continues...any advice plizzz


Hello Muqeeth,

It sounds like you have diabetes type 1 I'm thinking because you are 17 years old.  Your symptoms sound like hyperglycemia and this is serious.  As you probably know both hypos and hypers are serious if left uncontrolled.  Dizziness, faintness and visual problems point to hypers.  You should have a diabetes manager or equivalent that you can talk to.  I find it odd that your doctor didn't do some sort of physical exam.  I mean you just can't tell what's wrong or not wrong with someone by looking at them.  There's a certain amount of testing that needs to be done.  I suggest you get another doctor.  One that might be interested in his patients.