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Hello everyone.

Recently I’ve heard about Yerba mate tea and since then I am very interested in it. I found all kinds of information about its benefits to human’s organism and its weight loss properties. Now, I know pretty much everything about this tea. Yesterday I found it in one pharmacy and bought it. I was very excited but when I went home I didn’t know what to do. How to prepare this tea? I didn’t want to experiment and destroy those precious herbs.

Should I prepare it like every other tea or there is some special way? Please also share if you have some tweaks in preparing.


Hi Mellisa8!

It’s better that you asked. There are so many ways and variations for preparing this tea. Some people claim that the oldest way is also the best. There is a long tradition of drinking this tea in South America. They still drink it on a same traditional way. They put leaves of tea in a hollow calabash gourd (called mate) and fill it with hot water (not boiling). Then they drink it with a metal straw called bombilla.

However, you can also prepare this tea like any other. Just remember not to use boiling water because it can destroy some of the tea’s ingredients.



I am so glad you are talking about yerba mate tea. This is my favorite drink. I made it almost every day and I do it every time in a different way. I will explain you some of my favorite methods.

If you want you can make it with cold water (or even with lemonade) instead of hot water. This preparation is called Terere.

If you bought the tea in a filter bags you can make it like any other tea with hot water.

You can make it in the automatic coffee maker. Just put the tea in a place for coffee.

And one tip, if you don’t like the taste of Yerba mate you can add a desiccated coconut and use warm milk instead of warm water.