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My brother’s ex – wife Michele is all about some diet programs and some diet products. The newest thing that she wants to try is wu yi tea, because some of her friends are drinking this, and they are so happy with this product. Well, I am not, and I don’t believe in those diet products, because I still believe that green tea is much, much better.

Maybe I am wrong, but....

So, I have one question – how do you prepare your wu yi tea for weight loss?

Do you prepare it on the classic way or you need to prepare it at some specific way?

Please, let me know!



Good day all,

It really don’t know what to say that, because so far, I was believing that this wu yi tea you can prepare just like every other tea. Maybe I was wrong. I was preparing it with hot, boiled water, I left it for a while, five minutes or a little bit more, and that is it.

Just, don’t put any sugar in it. That is my advice.

Maybe there is some different way, I really don’t know. If I am wrong, please let me know, because I was drinking on the wrong way :)

Have a nice day! 



Hello there,

I prepare this tea just as the way you do. I don’t know if there is any other way to prepare it, but if there is, I don’t know it :)

I just prepare it and drink it while I am meditating. It is an amazing thing. You should try it as well. This can be really good for stress and weight loss, it is an excellent fat burner and I was preparing it at this way. I have to say that I had results.

So, I don’t believe that there is no other way.

God bless you!