(First of all sorry for my English)Back when I started Jelqing, my penis cannot erect fully. And If I manage to erect it 100% I cant maintain my erection, it can only be last for about a seconds. I thought I have erectile dysfunction because years ago after my girlfriend break up I was addicted to porn and of course I masturbate alot. I used to drink Softdrinks 1liter (coke) per day for about 1 year I drink alot of sugar. This year I decided to work abroad, so my dirty hobbies suddenly stopped. My lifestyle suddenly change. I was active now in sports(I play basketball) I dont masturbate like I used to and specially I stop watching porn. I red about jelqing. I was so curious, hoping my to find a cure. The first day I jelq Ive seen good results such as massive hard erections. I was so very shocked and happy because for how many years I didnt achieve this kind of erection. But after 2nd day I cant manage to make it hard, I thought it was ok. In the 3rd day I only warm up my penis using hot towel. I didnt proceed to jelqing after I read about "jeqling creates erectile dysfunction". Back In the day I didnt Jelq I have a morning erection but after jelqing I cant erect it at full power.  Any advice for my problem?