Hi. I am 15 years old ( pretty young to be writing this :() for the past like 1.5 2 years Ive had a red-purple-black spot on my penis. When its not erect it turns to black and when it is it turns red (propably because I grab there when I masturbate so its not anything interesting). So, my masturbation technique is diffrent. Rather than stroking it up and down I grab it and on several spots ( the spots which have darkened) and spin it. Move my hand left and right to cause an arousal. As I said the spots which I have grabbed have gone black-purple-red. Never more,never less. Stayed the same way since it first began. These are just basically like a permanent birth mark for me. There just there. No pain,no diffrence. Only diffrent color. I checked it up and heard some things like it may be a hemotema or something. So a) Should I be worried? b)How do I make them disappear? That wasnt a problem. I kept on my cycle. As weird as it sounds. I have been masturbating every day for like 2 years or so. You may think its a lot, but you really dont realise it. Anyway,so I was doing my cycle, kept on masturbating and then urinating whilst having an erection. One day I realised I had an...hardness a obstacle in my urination. I know its normal after masturbation but something...diffrent. Then I thought it was normal. Only the next time I went to pee, it stayed there. And it still is there. After like 2-3 years. I pee, but then I feel like I have more left that I cant let out. Its there but I cant let it out. Then, I started to drip after I pee. I think I made my penis muscles extend or something. I let out little pee drops without my will after like 2-3 minutes after I pee which is really annoying. But that too didnt bother me much. Then I got bothered around 1-2 months ago. Erectile dysfunction. When it first started, I could sometimes have a full erection but it would go much much faster then it normally would. Now I have a very low ''erection'' and it lasts like 30 seconds. I still do masturbate daily. I try to get off masturbating for one day then it becomes better I think. However heres the shock. When I think about the things that arouse me when I sleep I can get an erection. Not the same full, but definitely stronger than the ones I get on the morning. I mostly masturbate on my bed. So have my body made me only be able to get aroused on my bed or something? So a) How do I cure ED without ANY extra help No doctors, viagra, pills,medications. How can I cure this by myself? It is 100% not psychological as it is permanent and not changing to my mindset. I want an answer that contains no visit the urologist/ED/ER or take these pills please. I know its hard but just try. The best you can do is describe my problem so I can maybe visit sometime later. I have a very busy time (exams, holiday plans,etc.) at the moment and cant/wont go to the doctor. So in short I have a difficulty in urination, in which I feel like theres more left when I pee but I cant let it our, it drips after I pee without my own will. I have black-purple-red discolorations on the spots that I grab my penis to masturbate. I have ED which wont seem to go away and only worsens.

1. I have never had any sexual intercourse. 2. Havent used any drugs/illegal things. 3.Havent done any bad things with my penis except hard and extreme masturbation. Also I have dry masturbated for 3 years if that helps. I noticed this nowadays. When I masturbate without a full erection and ejaculate my semen turns into these mucus-y sticky things. Its like mucus except its very hard sticky. Never have I ever had this in 3 years. Well I never had ED in 3 years so yeah guess thats why :/


Thanks so much!