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Hi I am 39 and bout 4/5/months ago doctor thinks I suffered mini tias. I experienced complete blindness and could not move an inch of my body and could not speak either which I now know what its like to be blind as I thought this was it for me. These happened bout 4 times all in the space of weeks and as I was too scared to say anything I only brought it up at the hospital when they picked up on it on an eye test which I was a bit freaked myself by it all. Anyway am startng to get really annoyed as they still have not given me a result yet from all the tests and was told if not picked up right away they wont be able to tell me then and as I care for my husband who had a serious brain hemorage also when he was 35 which was 6 years ago this christmas I feel so alone as am worried bout him all the time as was told he will have a short life. I found the overwelming tireness the worst as people couldnd see what I was on about they just annoyed me, and stayed away well only if they wanted me to do something for them. The headaches I am takng now have gotr really really bad which is started to scare me I just wish tey would tell me wat is wrong.


I am a lady, 43 years old. I had numbness, blurred visions, my hands were numb and sometimes feet as well. I was so scared so I went to see my doctor. He told me that all those are typical mini strokes symptoms in women. A lot of women who are under the stress or who have someone with the heart issues in the family can experience this. Look, I had it, and if your doctor told you that you have it as well, you really should not ignore his words.  You should ask for CT or MRI and let him prescribe some therapy for you. This is a condition that needs to be controlled.