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Ok, I have been like just recently been found diabetic and I have to keep track of my numbers that appear on this little meter.  I also have to take some medication if the numbers are not what the doctor wants to see.  So what should my first week bg numbers be?  Will I be put on medication if they are not the right numbers that the doctor wants to see?  I am nervous about going on any medication because won't that make my blood sugar go lower?  What if it goes too low.  That isn't good either right?  I would like to know how likely it will be that I go on medication and if I do then what are then benefits from being on it?  Are there side effects I need to be aware of as well?  I know lots of medications have many many side effects and I am sure diabetics ones are no different. I was on this pain medication one time and it made me very constipated aqnd tired all the time.  I appreciate any answers.



Your first week blood glucose levels should be the same as any time you check it.  You are striving to be at the levels your doctor recommends.  Usually fasting blood sugar levels under 100 mg/dl is aimed for and less than 180 mg/dl 2 hours after meals.  If you can manage to keep levels within those limits, then you should not need medication.  Diet and exercise will do.  However, if your blood glucose levels are high even after trying dietary interventions, you may have to go on a medication to help stimulate your pancreas to produce an adequate amount of insulin. You may have side effects such as nausea and diarrhea, but they should go away within a couple of weeks after starting.  These meds do not normally cause hypoglycemia, but if the doctor puts you on one that does, he or the pharmacist will inform you of this.