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I had a Rectocele Repair a few years back.  (large babies and ripped into my rectum & lived with that for years so was able to go bm etc.  )

Since the surgery, I noticed that my bowel movements were more frequent and sometimes very loose with gas being less controllable.  I never thought much was severely wrong until a few months ago when I had occasion to have to insert my finger into my anus and discovered that I don't  seem to have a rectum!  It is all soft and squishy with no firmness inside me there.  I am fairly alarmed at this discovery.

 Is this a common thing?  Does this happen to other people with only a  repair that was supposed to be done?

  I have done internet searches and found no rectum removal for such a thing ... just when cancer or crones disease is present, etc.

 Please answer.  I don't want to alarm my hubby until I know for sure what is going on.  I will come back in to check.  I don't want to leave my email address. 


Dear Cindy

I have not had a Rectocele Repair (I am male) but I did have my rectum removed because of mid rectal bowel cancer. I had a reconstructed rectum from the tail end of the descending colon (j-pouch). I now function relatively normally, but with looser and more frequent motions (because of shorter colon). However, the cuff of the rectum was retained so that my anal sphincter was retained.

My suggestion is to have it checked out. It doesn't sound right. Where do you come from?

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I hope this helps a little.