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Good day all,

I was just wondering – has anyone in here ever used Michael Thurmond's 6 Week body makeover diet program? If so, what do you think about it? Does it work for you or not?

Are you familiar with any side effects? Can you tell me more about this diet?

I think that this diet actually might work just fine for me, but I have found some pretty ugly and negative comments on the internet.

I even heard that this diet is a scam? As far as I know, this is not an easy program.

Please, tell me more about it.



What’s up?

Yes, the 6 week body makeover worked for me fine so far. I am not thrilled, but it is ok. I have lost a lot of pounds, but if you want to stay slim, you need to follow this program all your life :)

Seriously, once you quit this program, you will gain back your pounds. So, you have to make a decision what do you want, do you want to have a lifetime diet program. If you do, then OK, you should try the 6 week body makeover.

What are your goals? I hope my answer is OK for you :)

Good luck!



Hello girls.

This is OK diet, but I don't prefer it for so many reasons. It is true, you can lose weight, you can be healthy and you will eat healthy meals. I don't like this diet for other reasons, but I won't discuss about it right now.

If you want to buy a six week personal training package, which you can order, you  need to pay around 900 dollars. If you ask me, that is a lot of money. You are going to get a training package there as well. But, one advice, don't order it online. I know why I am saying this.

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