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Hello there,

anyone tried marilu henner's 30 day total health makeover? Does it work? What about the book, do you have it?

What is it like? Is it worth of buying it?

My sister told me that she will buy this book to me , because she follows this diet, this 30 day total health makeover for three months. She is satisfied with it.

But, I want to know more so can I tell her is this health makeover really that good?

I really hope that I am going to find some answers in here.

Let me know!

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I have tried it and it works. This book is something that you need to have, believe me :) Basically, after you read this book, you will never look at all these products and goods the same way again. Never again! Of course, you will find something that you don't like, like some extreme diet tips that are hard to follow, but you will find other that are great as well. You will adopt them soon. After you read this book, you are going to feel better. You need to admit that is amazing when you know what food actually can do to you :)

Stay positive!



Hey girl,

thank you one more time. I will tell her that it's ok if she really wants to follow this diet. I have heard as well that this diet is amazing, but I haven't tried it yet. I need to read this book to learn some things first. :)

Anyway, thank you a lot. I really hope that this diet is so healthy as they say! I don't look at the food the same way I did a few years ago. So, this diet might be just good for me as well. I will see, one day :)

Thank you!