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Hello girls,

it is me again :)

Now, I want to know as much as I can about this Marilu Henner's 30 day total health makeover. Is it possible? Have you tried this? Is it effective? Is it possible to lose a lot of pounds in just 30 days? Seems like a dream to me, but I am willing to try it :)

Do I have to buy her book to see some guides or can you tell me some tips here?

I just want to say that I don't expect so much at the moment, but I have a great will to try.



Howdy all?

Good news for you, this 30 day total health makeover is possible and it totally works! I was on this program and I must say that I felt great. This girl actually opened my eyes to totally new way of eating and preparing food. If you ask me, this is not a diet, it should be some kinds of healthy lifestyle! This is the best description, if you ask me. This program really helps you realize that you can do whatever you want and eat just these healthy groceries.

You can find a lot of healthy grocery stores in your neighborhood.

Go for it!



What is going on?

I found three her books at the local library. In the main book you can find a whole 30 – day program and some great recipes.

I like that book very much. Other two books are not that interesting :) But, the first one is!

Marilu has a very different style and different diet program than others. You can lose weight if you follow this 30 day total health makeover. I have lost 11 kilograms. I was so happy with this result!

Actually, I don't know any girl who will tell you that this diet is not OK. Everyone just love it!