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I’ve been carrying excess pounds that have accumulated over the years and I really would like to get at least some semblance of female figure without starving myself to death with diets - which I’ve tried, but never worked. That’s how I stumbled upon the info on crossfit which seems to be extremely physically demanding, at least for someone like me who is not in any physical shape, to be honest.

There are crossfit groups in my town and my friend is persuading me to join her, but even if I physically manage the training, how effective is crossfit in helping people lose weight?



crossfit definitely is high intensity training that will put your body under a lot of 'muscle stress' which can be potentially very risky when it comes to injuries. On top of that, crossfit will not provide any personalized programs, so even if you're in good shape or haven't exercised in months, you'll be expected to perform the same routine which definitely is not the best way to keep your body injury-free so you can exercise continually and maintain your weight loss.

The other big part of weight loss is your diet. Unless you change your eating habits and find a way to burn the healthy calories you need to start eating, there really isn't single program that will get you results you want.