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I have a really bad rash on my scrotum caused by my penis rubbing against it. It really hurts, and now my left testicle is rubbing against the inside of my scrotum. I have used petroleum jelly but I find it uncomfortable because it tickles my penis! Is there any cream or anything like that I could apply to stop the irritation, or should I wait until my testicles get a little bigger(I am pre-pubescent)?

Also, is it normal to experience this sort of problem in early teens?


I know that you don’t want to hear this but you should visit your doctor as soon as possible because it is not wise to use any kind of medications or creams if you are not sure what it is. You think it is just an irritation but it could be some sort of fungal infection. Trying different creams could even make things worse.

Once I had fungal infection and I was very stubborn and I was using all kinds of gels and creams and I was relived for a few hours but that was it. In the end I had to visit the doctor and he prescribed me pills and cream and this has done the trick. One of my friends is claiming that his doctor doesn’t have a clue and he is using virgin cold pressed coconut oil.

It is up to you to choose the way you will treat this but personally I think that consulting the doctor is the best option.