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Hey, Just recently when i wake up, i wake up with a dry mouth, and i mean real dry to the point where if i move my tongue it hurts because its rubbing with the sides and peeling. even the back of my throat is dry and i have to stays as still as possible and sit under the tap and just keep feeding water into my mouth so it absorbs.

This has never happened to me, and im a little worried is this normal? is there a way to fix this? i'm loosing a little bit of sleep over it because i dont like to wake up so i either dont sleep or i over sleep.


Dry mouth can be caused by number of things and since you say it’s becoming a problem it would be best to check it out with your doctor as soon as you get a chance. Even a visit to a dentist might be helpful. Are you on any medication? Even some over-the-counter medications can cause this. Until you get the chance to find out what is causing this, best is to try and keep your mouth hydrated as much as you can by sipping water. Also, try or chewing sugar-free gum to increase your saliva and be sure to brush your teeth regularly to help prevent cavities which are far more likely to form without saliva.