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I have been diabetic for 14 years now and I only had to take pills to help control my diabetes.  Now I have to take insulin shots up to 4 times a day, like before meals and my fasting.  I don't feel comfortable injecting myself with insulin in public places, like the restaurant or at work.  How does a person do this discretely?  I am not ashamed of being diabetic but I don't want to advertise it either lol.  I know some public bathrooms are dirty so I hate to use those too.  Anybody who has dealt with this problem and can help a fellow diabetic?  Thank you in advance.


I'm sorry to hear about you having to go on insulin shots. This can be a dilemma when going out to eat and socializing with others because food is involved.  Many people do use the public restrooms as the place to check their blood glucose reading and inject insulin if needed.  There are red bio-hazard containers for used lancets and needles in these areas these days in several popular restaurants and malls.  If you do not need to check your glucose or draw up insulin based on your glucose reading, you could do it at your table.  If you are wearing a skirt or shorts, you can give yourself a shot in the thigh with a pre-drawn up syringe kept in your purse or briefcase.