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Good day. How are you?

I have a little secret and I want to share it with you guys :)

I am a volunteer at dog’s shelter.

Firs,t I have to confess you that I am really sad when I see all those dogs without owners :/ I decided to adopt one. It is mixed breed, small and he is three months old. Adorable :)

I was reading that I should mix wet and dry food for him. Before I adopt him I want to find out as much as I can about dogs.

For example I want to know what are the benefits of dry dog food and wet dog food?


Hey there Millie,


OMG, that is so adorable :) You won’t be sorry because dogs are really the best friends ever. Both of foods have pros and cons.

Let’s start with dry food. Dry food is good for your dog’s teeth, oral and dental health. Dry dog food can be convenient and really easy to feed your dog. It can stay in your dog’s bowl for a long time.

Wet food is definitely taste better. It contains more fats and proteins.

Dry food keeps your dog’s stool firmer. It won’t pass so quickly through your dog’s stomach.

Wet food contain more fluids which hydrates your dog better.

There you go :)




I vote for dry food :) I can talk about benefits of dry food for ages.

Of course, I am not saying that wet food is bad. On the contrary.

For example, a lot of wet dog food can be more palatable than dry food and I know this. Wet food has a high moisture content and this can help keep your dog hydrated all the time.

Also this food is completely and nutritionally balanced for adult dogs or for puppies – it really doesn’t matter. When you are feeding your dog with wet food every day you can be sure that he gets all the nutrition’s that he needs.

But still I am for dry food :)



Well good job there ZooBaby 87 :) You are for dry food but you have told us all good sides and all benefits from wet food :) Amazing.


Why do you think that dry food is better? No explanation, ha?

Never mind, maybe you have forgot maybe you don’t know lol.


Dry and wet food are totally different. Dry food is better for your dog’s teeth and oral care, while wet food is good for the dehydration of your dog.

When you put wet food in the dog’s bowl he needs to eat it immediately. Dry food can be there for a while.


I would not use just one type or brand of food.

I would mix it because this is good way that your dog gets all the nutrients that he needs. In one meal.



Hello. Let’s start from dry dog food. Like others told you, it is much better for your dog’s dental health. This food is also much easier to transport and use in dog obedience training and dog grooming. It is also easy to stuff in dog toys. Dry food is also good and balanced nutrition for dogs. It has good and quality fiber content, resulting in more regular stool. About the wet food, the main benefits are that this food tastes good. Like you could read, it is wet and that's why it will not dehydrate your dog. It is also balanced nutrition for dogs.



Hey everyone. Dog Whisperer told you exactly what I meant to tell you. I came back here because I need to tell you that I would choose dry food always.

I provides so many good things, so many benefits to your dog.

Wet food is also ok, but I think that has less benefits that actually can affect your dog and be good for your dog.

So you should mix those brands because they are totally different :)

I can tell you that my dogs have really clean teeth and good digestive system as well.

Maybe I am biased but I am telling you what I really mean.