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To explain my situation, I am 30 years old and under weight. I have been excercising. I had my period on 07/21 and condom broke on 07/27. After a week, I started noticing abdominal swelling. If I wear my regular pants or cross my legs, I was not comfortable and feeling pressure in my tummy. At times, I was feeling nausea, dizziness, full ness and heart burn. I thought that I was getting pregnant. I got the blood test done on 08/04, but it was negative. Urine test came negative on 26th day.

I usually get my periods in 28 days. However, this time, there was spotting for 3 days starting on 28 day and period after that.

Even after my period, my abdomen is swelling. Saw my primary care physician last week, and she also felt that my abdomen was swollen. Blood pressure, blood cell count and thyroid were normal. She did not feel anything during the pelvic test. She asked me to get the pelvic ultrasound done, which is scheduled for next week.

Meanwhile, I am noticing more swelling in my lower abdomen. Feeling very exhausted, feeling full, unable to sleep comfortably on back or tummy or on the side. Also, heavily breathing and noticing increased white discharge like liquid (not thick). Noticed little spotting one day this week. At times, I am feeling lower back ache, pain on the right abdomen and pelvic pain. I some time notice right lower abdomen sticking out a bit.

These symptoms seems to match with Ovarian cancer symptoms. Could it be that?


my dear girl, i am sure by now you must have had the ultrasound done and now know the reason but let me tell you that your fear might just be it or ovarian cyst not necessarily cancer!. This i say because i just ad an ovarian cyst taken out of me, and the symptoms you are having are about the same i had if not worse.If it is i advice you allow the surgeon to take it out.all the best