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Everytime I have a bowel movement my testicals then become sore, I also have a tingling in my head when I have a bowel movements and have been very tired, no energy lately. Any help you can give ? What is this


Hi! After suffering from mumps, I have developed orchitis, which is an inflammation of the testicles and I has symptoms similar to yours. In most of the cases, orchitis is connected to the epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the tube that lies on the testcile. However, that was not my case.

Both of these inflammations occur after bacterial infection. It could be an infection after the surgery or the spread of infections from elsewhere in the urinary tract.
How old are you? Did you notice maybe shrinkage of the testicles? This may happen if orchitis results because of the mumps.

Have you had any unprotected sex lately? It happens often that orchitis is caused by an STD, especially Chlamydia and gonorrhea and gonorrhea itself sometimes causes painful bowel movements. This incidence is more likely to happen to men aged 19 to 35.
Is there any swelling in the scrotum?
Other orchitis symptoms include: painful/less swelling of the scrotums, tender testicles, swollen groin area, fever, Testicle pain, may be aggravated by bowel movement or straining, blood in the semen or testicular lump.
When was the last time you examined yourself?