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Recently i have been trying to quit smoking pot for health reasons. I don't own a vape so i have no extreme healthy way of smoking.
ANYWHO i quit smoking before thanksgiving break and was clean about 14 day... I began having one-two panic attacks a day... Then over thanksgiving break i tend to get bored smoked a few times every day. I had been a habitual smoker for some 3 years previous however i never tend to take breaks from smoking besides one time a year for 28 days. However i didnt quit for that period went back to my old ways. About this time I was preparing for finals after having been ill for the better part of 5 weeks that semester. Anyways i went back to school and quick smoking and every single day after about the second day of quitting i began to have 3 panic attacks that would last at least 30 minutes usually each. Which is really unhealthy when your on adderall.
At this time i was also changing adderall dosage. It was going up.
I drank caffine and would begin to shank visibly almost like getting the shakes when you quit drinking....
So after being marijuana free i can say that there is a direct corellation between the levels of stress i was experiencing and i no longer had my regular means of stress relief.. m.j. and drinking doesnt really make up for smoking. It never can...
i came to a realization it is better to respect the herb then it is to blaze 24-7 and be distant and anxious.
I did however go on a bit on a smoking binge since my ideal situations were in tact... I just sat in my empty house locked my door and smoke out of my roor and i had to smoke so much less then i used to have to. Anyways if smoking is causing you anxiety quit doing it so often but be conscious of all factors that influence stress in your life and how you relieve it.
You could also talk to someone wheather it be a friend or a doctor. But it really does help.
I quit having panic attacts after i went on zoloft after 30 days of not smoking.
Consider if your easily stressed too...
I made it to 42 days without smoking and the medicene about 30 days in works great.
Now to see how it works with smoking not smoking and binge drinking since its so important to keep it at a specific level in your system.


Ah....'Tis a shame you don't own a vapourizer. Then you'd have a solution to your problem. And you'd appreciate what all that plant matter does to your body - on top of the THC and other cannabinoids.

You should know that when quitting MJ, no matter how hard it gets, you can't go back. Because then you've refreshed your brain's desire for the herb, refreshed its memories and reset your habits. Trust me - its worth it going clean, and then controlling when you smoke. As a bonus - you'll get even higher due to your baseline tolerance. But since you have panic attacks...I woulnd't say that I'd recommend taking Adderall and smoking, and going through the cycle of panic attacks. Unless you've learned to forget, you're just reinforcing your panic attacks every time you have one.

As for caffeine...that'll just make things worse. Did you know caffeine's likely to be responsible for 90% of all the irritable PMS symptoms? Its stimulating effects on the central nervous system will make things worse. There's alot of anti-caffeine facts if you're willing to look.

I can't wait for the time when I'll own my own place, be the master of my domain and generally control my life. I think alot of problems today are caused by irresponsability and lack of freedom.

Thanks for the post and peace be with ya