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Ok , so i used to do molly , which a lot of you know of and the last time i did molly I had a REAL BAD trip . I was bugged out for like 5 months and did absolutely nothing i wouldnt even drink alcohol . Now im back to drinking but im scared to smoke weed . But i really want to . Im scarred bc in the back of my head i be thinking ima have a heart attack . Idk what to do and PLEASE do not say " smoking isn't good , you shouldnt do it anyways " bc i honestly do not care . Sorry '(


You may have these attacks if you do smoke weed.  Apparently, your body doesn't not like it and it reacts with the heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. It could be doing something to your brain to make it react in a certain way as well.  All I can say is you will have to decide that if you want to smoke weed, you will have to chance it that you will have an attack of some sort from it.  Did you try to get a prescription for anxiety from your doctor?  You may be predisposed to anxiety attacks if the drug messed up your brain chemistry.