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Right. This is really wierd. I'll give you everything incase in helps. Right......
I'm 36 and married. No kids. I really really love my husband. Every two weeks or so me and my husband decide to have sex. We have a really romantic dinner, watch a bit of porn then go into the bedroom. By then we are usually really in the mood. We strip each off and do a bit of passionate kissing. I put his condom on using my mouth. This turns him on. I can see he is having a bit of trouble trying not to ejaculate. When that's done, he licks me a bit and I stroke him very slightly, nothing to get each other too aroused. When we are fully in the mood, we have the full monty. Usually doggy style, then standing up (I really hate having to wash the bed sheets), then maybe, if we still have it in us, in the shower. He comes first, and then me because he can stay erect longer. But last week we decided to have it in the bath first, then standing up and we even did it doggy style. He ejaculated all three times, but I didnt come once. My husband tried to comfort me saying that we were getting on in age and it would be harder, but he's three years older than me and came still come easily. I even tried masturbating after and he licked me harder, and it still didnt work. But whats really weird is that I was even more in the mood because it was a really erotic movie. So erotic my husband satisfied himself because he couldnt hold it in. Now I masturbate every day and I come, but I couldnt with my husband. I'm really worried because I might be getting too hold to have sex three times in a night every fortnight and the passionate romance between us could deteriorate. Does anyone have any idea what couldve happened??????


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You had a misfire, it happens, don't worry about it. :-)


I agree, I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially because a watched pot never boils.
In other words, if you worry about it, you WILL develop a repeating problem.

Sometimes our bodies just don't respond as we expect. But with rest, and assurance that there will be another day, there's no reason to worry.

Plus, with as many rich details that you have given us, it certainly seems that expert lovers like the two of you, with such well rounded technique and multiple positions, will have no problem satisfying each other.