Ok bear with me this is gonna be a little long but please read it all. Ok do my last period started back in mid-April. I usually start my next ones exactly a month after the last started up to 2 weeks after that. So this time I was a little over 4 weeks late and it had been 65 days since my last one had started back in April. I read in several places online that 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and some women don't know they are pregnant and have an early miscarriage and go on to have their periods anyways. So anyhow, this time I'm having really bad cramping and heavier bleeding and numerous larger than normal clots. It's the worst it's ever been. The abdominal pain and cramping was severe. Do you think I am experiencing an early miscarriage or just a really bad period? Could I just have skipped last months from being under a lot of stress and so it's more painful this time?