Hi i am at 8 weeks. A few days ago i had started spotting transparent brown and then it got heavier the next day and was red by the nights end. i had developed cramping in my abdomen and in my lower back.(sort of like contractions) I had gone to the ER that night and they said that i was 5.5 weeks along and that the baby's heart rate was slow. Dr. said that i would probably miscarry in the next few days and diagnosed me as threatening miscarriage. anyhow it has been a day and a half since then and i am still bleeding passing clots and just passed a silver dollar size tissue. My question is this..do i need to follow up with a dr now or just let nature take its course. I am bleeding and cramping like a period. is this normal and am i just driving myself crazy with worry for no reason. also should i take it easy or just resume daily life. Thank you.