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After eating a stomach filling meal at a restaurant, my waist has been having cramps, so whenever I cough(since I have a little cold that's getting better), it hurts. I got a few signs of bowel movement, but little comes out. Last weekend, I barely ate meals, and ever since, whenever I ate, I've been getting full pretty easily. Usually, I don't eat breakfast, and eat little to no lunch, and dinner normally. Is this okay?



You may be having digestion problems and it could be that you have a blockage of some type in the intestine not unlike constipation.  Constipation is something we all experience from time to time.  If this continues, I suggest you get a gentle laxative over the counter at your pharmacy.  Just something to clean out the area.  There are many of them so your best bet is to talk with the pharmacist and tell him your symptoms and then he/she can tell which product is best for you.  Your dinner out may have caused you some problems.  Keep a record of what you ate and see if you do that again you have the same problem.  That way you'll know what to avoid in the future when you eat out.