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A few months ago, I noticed that I had a very bad metabolism and I was not happy with my stomach. I didn't know what to do besides cut the calories, not eat as much, and exercise a lot. So that is what I did. I lost 7 pounds, which I did not need to lose. Did I look good? Well yeah! But I did some research and learned that doing that will just slow down my metabolism more. So I did some more research! Now I am a health freak trying to get a good metabolism. I'm always trying to get abs. I am aiming for at least 1200 calories a day, a lot of fiber, and not too much carbs. I've been eating healthy foods that are supposedly good for your metabolism, reduce bloating, and good fats. I've been avoiding all unhealthy foods, but still getting calories and fats. I'm also doing a fair amount of exercise every day. So far today I've been eating pretty well. Could I have done better? Well, sure! But my food options were pretty limited today. I had a whole wheat English muffin topped with olive oil, cinnamon, some spicy spices, blueberries, and almonds. I had a cup of water too. A few minutes after eating that, I did some crunches and then went on a 40 minute walk. I was happy to see that my stomach looked pretty good. I also know small frequent meals are key, so I had a little non fat yogurt, almonds, pecans, and more water. I thought that was a good snack because I heard that yogurt reduces bloating, water is very important, and almonds are good if you want to get some abs. So when I looked in the mirror i was shocked to see how much my stomach had grown! It took a while but I did eventually pee and poop. The bloating had been reduced but my stomach is still big. Its important for me to get enough calories so I need to eat something else for lunch, and I'm worried what my stomach will look like afterwards. Does anybody know what I could eat for lunch and how I could work up metabolism? Also tips to get abs would be appreciative! Thanks, XOXO, Kitty.


Kudos on eating healthy. Kepp that up!!! I am an athlete and well through my personal experience cardio is was helps burn off most fat. Runnin, jogging, and maybe even hiking. The walking seems to work fo you, what I suggest you do it do nothing but cardio for a while, burn off all undesired fat, from there start toning your body. But yeah keep the healthy eating up, and do your cardio and you should see resukts soon.