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I recently cut my inner lip and there was a small bit of flesh sticking out which required 9 stitches. After the operation which took place today, one of my friends told me that i should avoid eating seafood until the wound heals. I was just wondering if there is really a need for me to avoid eating seafood and if yes, why?



There are conflicting opinions on whether you should eat seafood or not, when you have the incision, especially on the lip and mouth area. Some people think that meat and seafood will help your body to get the energy it needs to speed up the healing of the wound, while others, like your fiend, have heard that it should be avoided.

Main reason for this concern is that seafood might cause irritation or even allergic reaction if it is in contact with the wound. These irritations might lead to infection and that would complicate things even more. Still there is no real proof for that, especially if you know you’re not allergic to seafood. But, it won’t make much difference if you don’t eat it for a few days until the wound heals a bit.