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I had my wisdom tooth removed and I have an open wound, I had no stitches. Is it supposed to close by itself? Im scared of getting an infection because the wound is open however I am being extra cerrefull, I wash it with saline and avoid eating foods that flake and could get into the wound.

Help me!!!!



Wait, you have a hole in your mouth after wisdom tooth extraction? It can't be closed by itself, your dentist should close the wound with the stitches and special dentist strings. I don't understand how he didn't do that because it is a pretty much big wound and there is no chance to be closed by itself. I know when I was removing them, my dentist closed it immediately. It can be a huge problem when you are eating, drinking, when you are washing your teeth etc. I suggest you visit your dentist. I mean, I suppose that you already did, right? What has happened with that wound?