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Hi there,

A while ago, I was talking with my daughter. She wants to make some healthy, nutrition plan. She wants to do it on her own, but I am not sure is that possible, because she never had any nutrition plan so far. She wants to start eating healthy, and I really support her in this decision. Of course, I want to help her.

I was wondering, do you have any healthy nutrition plan, so you can share it with me?

Should she consult some nutritionist for this one?

Any information would be helpful for us.

Thx a lot! 


Consulting her nutritionist is always a good idea. I have a few tips, and I am sure that those can help your daughter. But, she should consult him, for sure.
So, she should prepare more of her own meals. When you want to cut out unhealthy foods, you should replace it with healthy alternatives, such as animal fats with vegetable fats. Count your calories and make it on very simple way, don’t complicate it because it can be really confusing. Also, you should always read labels. That is the only way when you can know what you are eating. Very important thing is for you to focus on how you fell after eating your meal.
You should drink a lot of water, that is the smartest choice.


Yes very helpful.

I would like to add something in this topic as well. Tell your daughter to eat breakfast every morning, not to avoid it. The main reason is because breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism, but just when you are eating smaller meals, that are healthy as well. It is always better decision that eating large meals, three of them. It keeps your energy up!

Also, the biggest mistake is when you are eating late at night. Try to eat you dinner earlier, because it is bad for your digestive system.

Those are the tips that I know.

If you have any other to tell us, feel free to do that!