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What does it mean when your platlet levels are elevated? : ?


Platelets role in a body is to help in bleeding control at the site of a wound or injury. Platelets collect at the wound site and form a clot, so that the blood wouldn’t come out.

Because they are produced by bone marrow and removed by spleen, elevated levels of platelets may indicate increased bone marrow production or decreased spleen removal.
Possible reasons for thrombocytosis ( high platelet levels) are a reaction to a disorder in another part of the body, a reaction to a body chemistry change or due to a underlying disease in a bone marrow. High levels can also appear in pregnancy.

Diseases that could have influenced a rise in platelets levels are infection, surgical operations, inflammatory diseases, cancer, iron deficiency, and blood loss.

If the disorder is caused by another disorder, a person will experience symptoms of an underlying disorder, if thrombocytosis is primary, then a patient may experience enlarged spleen, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, blood in the stool, or warmth, pain, and redness of the skin. However, most of the time, symptoms are not noticeable.
Have you been given a treatment? A patient usually gets platelets lowering drugs or no treatment at all.